Control Duratec parts

To purchase the following controlled parts for Duratec-powered cars, please use the form provided below:

  • Flywheel
  • Collector
  • Wheels

Control Camshaft           

To get your own camshaft ground, re-ground or checked and stamped, please click on the download link below, and then email the completed form to The FFA administrator will advise you where to send your camshaft.

Membership Form        

To apply for membership, complete the Membership Form, and then email to the Administrator.

Rules of Association     

The Association is governed by its Rules of Association. The current rules are as at 31st January 2011, as approved by the members: 

Certificate of Origin      

To apply for a Certificate of Origin, or the transfer of a Certificate of Origin, complete the Form, and then email to the Administrator, or Fax on (02) 4773 9494.