The Formula Ford Association is actively involved in representing the interests and activities of members who own Historic Formula Fords.

Historic Formula Fords are encouraged in state series throughout the country and are also well catered for at many dedicated historic events throughout Australia and internationally.

The Formula Ford Association keeps a register of Formula Fords that have competed in Australia through the Certificate of Origin System, which has proven to be of great benefit in tracing vehicle competition history.

In the 5th category, Historic Cars, Formula Fords are recognised as Group F.

Current Eligible Vehicles (in the 5th Category):

- Group Fa (Pre-1978)
- Group Fb (1978 - 1983, excluding Swift DB4)

CAMS have announced that Group Fc (1984 - 1989, including Swift DB4) shall be eligible with effect from 1 January 2011. These cars are currently known as "Classic" Formula Fords in contemporary racing.

FFA Historic sub-Committee

The Formula Ford Association has established a sub-committee specifically to assist and encourage the ongoing development of Historic Formula Ford competition, and to provide guidance and advice to current and potential competitors:

The National FFA Historic Representative is John Van Leeuwen.