State Racing

State level Formula Ford series are raced in WA, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD.

All Formula Ford categories including Formula Ford (Fiesta), Formula Ford 1600 (Kent) and Historic cars can race in state level Formula Ford events. (Note: Formula Ford (Fiesta) cars are ineligible to race in WA state events).

State racing is an excellent option for those juniors transitioning from karting to cars. Not only does it provide a cost effective entry into car racing but allows you to gain maximum benefit from your investment with an easy transition to national racing available. Furthermore, the same teams that support national level racing also service state level racing allowing a seamless transition to more senior Formula Ford racing.

If you are looking for simply a fun place to race and get your motor racing fix then state level racing is perfect for you.

No matter your age or experience, there is a place for you on the grid at your local state racing event.

For further information on racing Formula Ford at state level events contact your local Formula Ford committee representatives.