From its inception, Formula Ford has focused on creating a level playing field for competitors through regulation of technical aspects of the cars as well as cost containment to make Formula Ford racing available to as many as possible.

It is very important that you understand the technical regulations as vehicles are regularly inspected at race meetings to ensure that they comply to the regulations.

Technical regulations are monitored by the FFA and rewritten as required to ensure the spirit of Formula Ford is upheld.

Click on the links below to view the specific regulations for each vehicle category.

Formula Ford category (Fiesta/Duratec engine) technical regulations

Formula Ford 1600 category (Kent engine) technical regulations

Historic Group F technical regulations


Kent engines in FF1600 cars use a control camshaft, which have to be stamped and recorded by the FFA prior to being used for competition in Australia.

Competitors can send their new or used camshafts to the FFA to get them ground, re-ground or checked and stamped. The FFA records all camshafts used in the category.

To have your existing control camshaft reground or checked and stamped, complete and send the Application for Control Camshaft form to FFA administration. The FFA Administrator will advise you where to send your camshaft.


Duratec-powered cars in Australia must use the following controlled parts for competition:

  • Flywheel
  • Collector
  • Wheels

‚ÄčThese parts can be purchased directly from the Formula Ford Association Inc. using this form.


All categories of Formula Ford have a controlled tyre in order to maintain equality and costs.

The Formula Ford Association is proud to partner with both Yokohama (Formula Ford & Formula Ford 1600 contemporary class) and Avon ACB 9 A29 (Historic class) and their distributors.

These tyres have proven to be of great quality with nationwide availability.


Contact FFA Administration or your state delegate.